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Aroma News You Can Use - April 2008

Apr 28, 2008

Scent For Your Workday/Work Area

We all know that scent plays a very important role in our daily lives. We connect to so many things through scent. For example, how does it make you feel when you smell your Grandmother’s or your Mother’s favorite perfume? How about cookies baking?
You can use scent in your work space to help you stay motivated, help you de-stress, help you think more clearly, and help you learn better.
I use essential oils in my workspace quite a bit. I have an aroma warmer that I keep plugged into my computer, and depending on my mood, I fill it with a variety of our blends both can be found here: Not only does it help my mood, but it makes the air in my office space feel clean and fresh.

About Me:
This is for those of you that are new subscribers or have only known me for a short time.

I started my career as a Nail Technician in Chicago, IL in 1983.
Specializing in Pink and White Sculptured Nails and Abstract Nail Art. When I left Chicago in August 2007 I was the Nail Tech in the Rush Medical Ctr. Beauty Salon.
I am now working at Legal Hair and Day Spa in Steubenville Ohio.
I am also the owner/formulator of my own Skin Care and Aromatherapy Business:
I started making our products because of my own skin issues (Sensitive Skin and Scalp, Dry Skin, Dry Heels, Children with Eczema) and my family as well as those of my clients. These include those that were hereditary as well as environmental and including food related sensitivities.
In 2003 the mission of Vontrie‘s Couture Bath & Body has been to provide our own hand-crafted Skin Care and Aromatherapy Products that will enrich your life, health, and well being. We have a special interest in Natural Healing from Nature. Our belief is that God has provided everything that we need for a healthy body inside and the skin on the outside of our body. We have searched the world over for ingredients that have been used by native people for hundreds of years and that have been proven to provide the benefits suggested. We offer you products that include Exotic Oils, Natural Butters, Essential Oils and Fragrances from all over the world.

Revolution Money Exchange:

Thanks to those that have joined Revolution Money Exchange for your website orders. The special offer was extended again (Just in time for extra Mothers Day Gift Money) to May 15, 2008 you can sign up and get a free $25.00 bonus, plus if you request an invitation from me to sign up I get $10.00.

Aroma Gels:

Thanks to our #1 Sales Rep. Chicago’s Toni Anderson and her 2 customers.
Mr. Harold from Rush Hospital and Ms. Robin Anderson from Spiritual Life.
We will not be discontinuing the aroma gels, thank you for your orders. Spread the word!!

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