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Hello I'm Patricia M. Bailey-Hallmon:

The Owner of Vontrie's Couture Salon & Apothecary. I'm a Licensed Nail Technician in Ohio & Illinois. Our base operations have moved to Steubenville,Ohio . Where we had 1 sales representative. My daughter Tracy. I will continue to service the Chicago area along with the rep's there. 

I am also the formulator of the products that we carry in the following lines.

Vontrie's Couture

Vontrie's Couture Bath & Body

Vontrie's Aromas

We are now located 739 N 5th Street Stuebenville,OH 43952.  We have Rep's in Chicago - New York - Wisconson -Texas and Ohio. We will be adding more as they sign-up.




Vontrie's Couture : Chicago,IL - Steubenville,OH


  Phone (773)490-8565  /  (740)314-0106





The ingredients used in our products are carefully selected to be mild and safe and are designed for use on sensitive skin. No animal testing. All of our products are tested and used by our family and loyal customers. Our products are not intended to diagnosis treat, cure, or prevent disease.

Reaction to any product or ingredient is individual. If you have skin sensitivities or question your reaction, perform a patch test on your skin before using. Consumers should consult a qualified physician with any questions. We do not accept responsibility for any problems that may arise from the use of our products.