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Aroma News You Can Use - March 2008

Mar 20, 2008

Welcome Subscribers to the latest edition of Aroma-News You
Can Use.

In this Months edition we have some very exciting news to
share with you.

(#1) Last month we installed a new widget to the site that
counts and shows where the visitors that have come to our
website are located.
In one month we have received 261 Visitors from 162 Cities.
The counter has listed the USA visitors by the city, state
and the American flag. All other visitors are listed by
their country and its flag. You can find it on the bottom
of the home page of our website:

(#2) We are now offering Product Sample Packs for a limited
time while supplies last.
Three product samples of your choosing for $2.00, including
shipping. This is a great way to try before you buy! Please
specify your 3 choices before checking out, or you may
email them to us at :
Your Price   $2.00 each
Skin Care Sample Pack
Fragrance Sample Pack

Here is the link to the Product Samples page:

(#3) We are now Accepting Payments Through Revolution Money
It is a Paypal alternative electronic money service. I've
been able to offer everyone $25 free cash to use toward
any website purchase with us and every time I do so, the
service has paid me $10 for each referral. This offer is
good only until the end of March (03-31-08), so if you
haven't gotten your free $25 cash's the time to
open up your free account.

Unlike Paypal, Revolution Money Exchange does not charge
anything to send or receive funds. It's the real deal gang.
I'm glad so many of you were able to get your $25 cash
(you can give $25 cash gifts to 50 people and receive $500
in referral earnings).

If I've already sent out your invite and you can't find it
or didn't receive it...look in you bulk or spam
folders....the invitation actually comes from and might not directly pop
into your regular e-mail.

Today Thursday 03-20-08 is the Spring Equinox and Friday
is the FULL MOON...and GOOD FRIDAY...and an even better
time to give yourself a $25 cash gift and also a great time
to give those you care about $25 too. $25 cash gifts also
make great Easter gifts because the funds don't come out of
your pocket......and you'll receive $10 for every gift you

E-mail me Pat Bailey at: if you
would like a invitation, need another invite or can't
locate your invitation. I'll get it out right away.
(#4) If you belong to any of the following groups, feel
free to add me to your list of friends.

Pat Bailey