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Aroma News You Can Use ~ Lavender

Feb 26, 2008

The Queen of Herbs

Aromatherapy continues to be a growing area of interest as
North America continues its search for alternative and
complimentary applications of natural medicines. The use of
herbal supplements in our daily lives is one excellent
example of this. People are familiar with the term
Aromatherapy and most have heard of essential oils, but few
know how to use them in practical, daily applications

Most essential oils are generally too concentrated to use
directly on your skin. They need to be diluted for
application. As with anything, there are exceptions.
Lavender and tea tree are the most commonly used oils that
can be applied directly on the skin (neat) but it is best
to use with a carrier oil. There are many excellent
resources on essential oils and their effects on body,
spirit and mind. Some oils have contra-indications so it is
important that you learn about any oil before using it.

Essential oils are great companions to enhancing your daily
life, when used appropriately.

Imagine a flower being able to calm your nerves, reduce
inflammation and swelling, promote faster healing for minor
burns, decrease muscle pain, alleviate insomnia, aid
concentration, combat mental as well as physical fatigue
and work as a natural bug repellant and more. That purple
colored flower named Lavender is one of the most versatile
essential oils the plant kingdom has to offer.
Additionally, it‘s obtained without a prescription.
Originally found in the Mediterranean countries, the
perennial herb Lavender has long been prized for its
perfume and medicinal qualities.

One of the most gentle and versatile essential oils,
Lavender can have a positive influence on your mental,
emotional, physical, and metaphysical state. This oil
brings clarity, peace of mind, and emotional balance.
Lavender has been successfully used to treat insomnia,
depression, impatience, stress, and worry. Lavender is one
of those essential oils that will bring out the best
healing properties in other essential oils it is blended

Lavender and relaxation are two words that are virtually
synonymous with each other. Its effect is antibacterial,
pain-relieving, healing for wounds, soothing for skin
diseases, deodorizing, antiseptic, fungicidal,
insect-repelling, rejuvenating, and anti-inflammatory.
Lavender may be used to treat all types of skin and is
effective for acne and oily hair, itchy skin, hand care,
cracked skin, bruises, shock injuries, acne scars,
blisters, abscesses, warts, boils, wounds, and burns.

A bath with Lavender soothes and heals the skin after
sunburn. I keep a small sachet of lavender buds, chamomile
flowers and rose petals in my pillow case every night to
aid in a very restful no mind racing sleep. I also use
lavender essential oil in different blends throughout the
day. When I’m at the computer I have on one of my USB Oil
Warmers. When I am working on a nail client I have my
Electric Warmer on at the table. Each room of my house has
an Aroma Warmer of some kind so that I can use whatever
blend or essential oil that is needed. I use lavender from
different origins in my aromatherapy blends but my favorite
is Bulgarian Lavender.
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