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Balance - Roll-On

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                               Aromatherapy  - The Science Of Aromas
                                                ~  Balance ~ 

Amber : Aid to Deep Meditaion, Spiritulizes the Intelect.
Patchouli : Disperses Scattered Thinking, Calms the Nervs
Rosemarary : Enhances Mental Clarity,Memory, Concentration,Intellectual Pursuits
Orange :  Uplifting, Stimulates Creativity, Soothes the Nerves.
Lavender : Eases Depression, Calming, Strengthens the Immune System.
Spearmint : Energizing, Improves Alertness, Aids Concentration.
Rose : Brightens the Heart, Romantic, Relives Tention, Sadness, Greif, Jealousy, Anger, Resentment